Indoor Games To Play In Your Vacation Rental

Family game nights are a tradition with immeasurable rewards. Playing a game with family or friends is a timeless way to share laughs and lessons while making memories you’ll all treasure for a lifetime. As an added bonus, games are a convenient and budget-friendly way to pass the time, together.

The best games for family night should encourage spontaneity and creativity. Most games offer lessons about reasoning, math, ethics, and cooperative teamwork. Board games typically don’t require electricity or batteries, making them a reliable source of amusement, even if the power goes out on a rainy day. Some vacation rentals will include a selection of board games or puzzles for guests to enjoy, but you can always select compact games to pack and bring along, or even stop by a local store when you reach your destination to purchase the game(s) of your choice.

When selecting the perfect games for your trip, consider the number of players, appropriate age range, and the replay value. If you’re packing games to take on your journey, consider travel-sized versions of popular options, or even app versions for your mobile device. Simple card or dice games are the best when space is a concern, and they offer limitless gaming potential.

Looking to plan the ultimate family game night on your next Maine getaway? With some simple snacks, your favorite travel partners, and the recommendations below, you’ll be ready for a winning adventure!

Classic Family Board Games


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Ages 8 and up • 2-8 players

Monopoly is the quintessential board game, and probably one of your family favorites. Create your real estate empire while avoiding bankruptcy and jail time in this timeless battle for fortune and success. There are multiple versions of this classic game, from full-size tabletop board games to compact card games and mobile apps. You can even select from countless themes, including Monopoly: Maine Edition, featuring properties like Portland Head and L.L. Bean! When packing light, the Monopoly Deal card game is the best choice. It’s also a nice way to enjoy the classic Monopoly game in a quick-play format (as little as 15 minutes). Download the classic Monopoly game for Android or iOS.

The Game of Life

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Ages 9 and up • 2-4 players

More commonly known as simply “Life”, The Game of Life is a family-friendly game that explores the path of life - from career choices to retirement - and all the rewards and pitfalls that we encounter along the way. For a fun vacation twist, consider The Game of Life: TripAdvisor Edition, where vacation cards come into play. Download The Game of Life for Android or iOS.


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Ages 6 and up • 2-4 players

Sorry - not sorry! Bump and slide your way around the board to safely return your pawns home while cleverly thwarting your opponents’ efforts to do the same. There is a compact, 2-player version called Sorry: Rivals Edition that is perfectly suited to a couples’ night challenge!

Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition

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Ages 8 and up • 2 or more players

Another game with endless possibilities, Trivial Pursuit is the ultimate challenge of knowledge. One of the newest versions of the longtime family classic, the Family Edition offers cards designated for children and adults, to even the playing field. With more than 1,200 trivia questions in total, topics cover six diverse categories. Play individually or in teams! For an on-the-go, travel-themed option, consider Trivial Pursuit: National Parks Travel Edition.



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Ages 8 and up • 3-6 players

Want to add a little mystery and intrigue to your getaway? Clue is the classic whodunit where players are tasked with solving the crime by determining the who, where, and how of a murder at the millionaire’s mansion. If your travel party includes younger children, consider Clue Junior, or try a new spin on the mystery with the Clue Card Game! Download Clue for Android or iOS.

Chutes and Ladders

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Ages 3 and up • 2-4 players

Slip, sliding fun doesn’t always have to occur outdoors! Chutes and Ladders is a kid-friendly standard that is sure to keep the whole family giggling as everyone attempts to maneuver 100 spaces to the end of the board in the fastest way possible, aiming for shortcuts while avoiding sliding back to the start.

Candy Land

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Ages 3 and up • 2-4 players

It’s like a vacation within a vacation when you escape to the sweet world of Candy Land! The young and the young-at-heart will marvel in this enchanting quest through the Peppermint Forest and Princess Frostine’s Ice Palace to conquer King Kandy’s Castle

Party Games


Ages 12 and up • 2-6 players

Scramble to list as many alphabetically-dictated items as you can to complete a themed category before the time runs out. Play with up to six players or on teams. It’s quality over quality though, as point values are determined by the creativity of the answers. Download Scattergories for Android or iOS.


Ages 13 and up • 4 or more players

Race against the timer and ponder the clues from your teammates as you try to guess the word or phrase they’re describing. When it’s your turn to give the clues, be sure to avoid uttering the “unspeakable” buzzwords on your list of forbidden terms! An electronic handheld version called Taboo Buzz’d is a fantastic travel option to keep in mind.

The Game of Things

Ages 14 and up • 4 or more players

If your aim is on fun and hilarity without the competitive angle, The Game of Things fits the bill. There are no right or wrong answers, just plenty of THINGS to reveal and so much to learn and share with the people you only thought you knew so well. Who said what, and what conversations can grow from your discoveries? You can even play for free online anytime, with teammates local or remote!


Ages 8 and up • Team Play

You don’t have to have the skills of Picasso to enjoy Pictionary with friends. In fact, it may be more enjoyable when your artistic talent is not entirely on point! Your mission is to sketch out your best version of the clue on your card in the hopes that your teammates can guess the image. The game comes with clues for both adults and juniors. For an impressive modern twist, try the Pictionary Air app, where what you draw in the air appears on screen! (Android/ iOS)


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Ages 7 and up • 2-6 players

Hedbanz is a fast-paced, family-friendly guessing game that poses a hilarious identity crisis as players try to guess who or what they are (determined by clue cards on their forehead) while their teammates offer aid in the form of answers to yes or no questions. This wacky party game has spawned a number of similar games in the form of mobile apps, but you can download the official versions on Android or iOS.


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Ages 12 and up • 2 or more players

Discover unbelievable facts about people, movies, laws, and more and determine what is true and what is simply balderdash. This game asks - how well can you fake it? Score points by being convincing, and by calling your opponents’ bluff.

Apples to Apples

Ages 12 and up • 4-10 players

Apples to Apples provokes crazy comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things, and events. This game combines a little luck with a lot of creativity to prompt an awful lot of laughs. Kids, juniors, and themed versions of Apples to Apples are also available.

Word Games


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Ages 8 and up • 2-4 players

Easily the most popular word game there is, Scrabble is an epic, head-to-head crossword battle where competition meets cooperation. Numerous versions of the game allow for diverse play in any situation, including Scrabble Junior and the Scrabble Slam Card Game. Download Scrabble GO for Android or iOS.


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Ages 8 and up • 1 or more players

Find as many hidden words as you can in a jumble of letter cubes before time runs out. If multiple players duplicate word finds, those words are disqualified, so keep a keen eye and a broad vocabulary handy to master the challenge and outwit your opponents! Find the most words to win. Download Boggle With Friends on Android or iOS.

Skill Games


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Ages 6 and up • 2 or more players

Jenga is the classic stacking game that takes patience to new heights. Avoid being the player to cause the toppling crash of hardwood blocks by keeping a steady hand and a balanced strategy. The classic Jenga game is of the tabletop variety, but there are variations that reach 5 feet or more in height, including a cardboard-block version that stacks to 8 feet! For those on a mission that includes the great outdoors, consider Jenga: National Parks Edition, with hardwood blocks featuring more than 100 National Park fun facts. Intensify your Jenga experience with Jenga AR for Android.


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Ages 4 and up • 1 or more players

Operation is the game that gives you butterflies in the stomach, in more ways than one! Keep a very steady hand as you attempt to cure your patient of a litany of ailments, from a broken heart to a wrenched ankle, all while avoiding one false move that’s sure to cause catastrophe - and a lot of laughs. Download Operation on Android or iOS.

Card Games


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Ages 7 and up • 2-10 players

Uno is a classic card game with more than a few twists and a number of variations. The original game features a 112-card deck and a fairly simple set of rules for family-friendly play. A wide array of themes are available, including pop culture favorites and travel-centric editions like Uno USA and Uno Wilderness. Download Uno on Android or iOS.

Cards Against Humanity

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Ages 17 and up • 4 or more players

This modern-day favorite dubs itself a “party game for horrible people”, and it has quickly become a game night phenomenon. Cards Against Humanity is often considered to be the politically incorrect version of Apples to Apples, posing fill-in-the-blank challenges to players who are left to the mercy of the cards in their hand for a slew of awkward replies. For added convenience, you can create your own deck for free online.

Phase 10


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Ages 7 and up • 2-6 players

Fans of the classic card game Rummy will love Phase 10. This card game tasks players with the challenge of completing progressively difficult sets of cards in colored suits before their opponent. Special “skip” and “wild” cards provide game-changing twists that will keep the whole family on their toes. Download Phase 10: World Tour on Android or iOS.

Dice Games



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Ages 8 and up • 2 or more players

Known by many names over the years, Farkle is the latest version of a popular dice game that dates back to the 1980s. Roll the dice in an effort to collect winning combinations and build your score, but don’t push your luck or you risk losing your points in a Farkle! It’s a little strategy, a bit of luck, and a lot of laughs!


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Ages 8 and up • 2 or more players

Become a high-roller with clever strategies in this classic poker-esque dice game that’s a blast for all ages. Beyond Yahtzee Classic, there are electronic handheld and mobile app variations, allowing for play anytime, on-the go. Download Yahtzee With Buddies for Android and iOS.


Name That Tune

Name That Tune became popularized as a television game show in the 1950s, but the game itself is one that you can play anytime you have access to music. The idea is simple - players attempt to guess a song as quickly as possible, and before their opponent(s). The Spotify Community has a collection of ready-made playlists on a variety of themes, including decades, television and movie themes, and Disney classics that you can access on any mobile device, or you can also choose a theme that suits your group and make a playlist of your own for a customized game.


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Long gone are the days when karaoke is relegated to the bars. Nowadays, you don’t even need an elaborate karaoke machine to bring the Japanese party tradition home. All you need is a mobile device and a bit of courage to belt out a tune. Even talent isn’t necessary. After all, you’re among friends! Smule is the top-rated “social singing app”, offering more than ten million songs across a range of genres. Sing solo, join a group, or sing a duet with top recording artists. Download Smule for Android and iOS. You can also keep it basic with online karaoke through Singsnap, or simply search for karaoke videos you can sing along with on YouTube!

No (Or Common) Equipment Necessary


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Charades is the timeless guessing game with a flair for the dramatic. Players act out a word, phrase, the title of a book or movie, or just about anything while their teammates attempt to interpret the silent message that relies on physical gestures alone. Looking for some clever ideas for your next game? Choose your favorite category and let this random generator do the thinking for you!

20 Questions


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20 Questions is a parlor game that seems to be about as old as time itself. Combining the use of deductive reasoning and creativity, players attempt to guess the person, place, or thing that another player (designated as “it”) is thinking of, using a series of up to 20 yes or no questions. It’s a logical guessing game with a hint of detective work.

Would You Rather?

When your family gathering could use a little conversation starter, consider a round of Would You Rather, a classic campy party game with a “this or that” theme . One of the best aspects of the game is that it can be tailored to suit your specific group or situation. The concept of the game is to pose a series of choices to fellow players to see which they’d choose. This can vary between options that are equally appealing and therefore hard to prioritize, or those that are equally unattractive and pose a “lesser of two evils” scenario.

Scavenger Hunt


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Scavenger hunts are popular among all ages, and they can be entirely customized to your situation. If you’re in a natural location with plenty of outdoor spaces to explore, consider a natural theme. On a rainy day or anytime that indoor play is preferable, devise a list of household items to discover. Make sure every player has a mobile device on-hand to allow for a scavenged finds slideshow at the end of the hunt! This is an especially wise option if you want the freedom to include items in your hunt that may not be possible to physically gather and collect. Learn more about how to create your own scavenger hunt anywhere, anytime.